Our Parish Ministers

Our Rector

The Rector of our Parish is also the Bishop of our Diocese, the Right Reverend Robert David Redmile, B.A., B.Ed., L.Th.  After having taught Junior and Senior Secondary School, and College and University Students, for several years; and having read Sacred Theology and undergoing formation in preparation for ordination to the Sacred Ministry; Bishop Redmile was made Deacon, and ordained Priest in 1993 and consecrated Bishop in 2002 by the Right Reverend A. Donald Davies.  Bishop Davies was the first Lord Bishop of the Diocese of Richmond, having been consecrated Bishop of Dallas in 1970, translated to the new Diocese of Fort Worth in 1983, and was then Bishop of the Convocation of the American Churches in Europe from 1985 until 1989. In 1991, Bishop Davies was elected Bishop of the new Diocese of Richmond, and assumed the Primacy of the Christian Episcopal Church of Canada becoming its Metropolitan Archbishop and Primate.  Bishop Redmile was appointed Coadjutor to Archbishop Davies in 2002, and was enthroned by Archbishop Davies as his successor in 2004.  Having succeeded Archbishop Davies, Bishop Redmile is now the second Lord Bishop of Richmond, and has oversight also of the Church of England in the Cayman Islands and of the Christian Episcopal Church in the Channel Islands situated between England and France.

Our Deacon

The Deacon of our Parish, who assists the Bishop in his public ministrations, is a History and Philosophy graduate the University of British Columbia. He has been a Christian now for several years; and during the time of his preparation for Baptism and Confirmation, he was also instructed in the Doctrine and Discipline of the Church.  His formation for the Office of Deacon was under the tutelage of the Bishop; and since his institution as a Deacon, he has become an indispensable part of our Parish Ministry.

Our Servers.

We have two Servers who assist the Bishop and the Lay-Reader in their ministrations, Master Alejandro Montoto and Master Kendall Dantu.   Alejandro and Kendal serve most Sundays and Holy-Days.  Both Kendall and Alejandro are in High School.